First Reader comments for Isis

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Besides a lot of really good editing suggestions, I’ve gotten some fun feedback from my First Readers of Isis. One great idea was to include some of those comments in the newest printing.

I’m going for a second printing, Second Reader Edition, and have incorporated many of the changes my readers wanted to see. I listened to everything everyone told me and believe that all of the feedback shows up in the new edition. By the way, this will also be a limited edition. Isis is not for sale and has not been “published.” I’m just taking a different approach to the manuscript concept and having a lot of fun with it. As I design my own covers and do my own layout, it’s really cheap for me to produce a book.

Here’s what First Readers are saying about Isis.

“Adventure!   Mystery!  Egyptian culture and history!  Sex!  It sure kept my interest!”
Leslie – Ann Arbor, MI

“Chapter 11 – Whew! Gimme a cigarette!”
Joan – Fresno CA

“I loved the Egyptology details. It’s great to feel that one is being educated while having such a good time.”
Elaine – Easton PA

“I hard a hard time finishing. I kept reading certain chapters over and over. And when I came to the end, I was bummed. I wanted more. Where’s the next book?”
Suzette – Paso Robles CA

“Isis sizzles. It had me squirming in my plane seat.”
Suzanne – Boston MA

“Isis is a real page turner. It’s a great adventure story for anyone – not just women.”
Eric – Las Vegas NV

“I’m fascinated with the Isis story. I really like the way Isis goes back from Vegas to Egypt and blends the souls.”
Terry – Kauai HI

“I’m a big Gabaldon fan, but I like Isis better. The Red Mirror uses a time travel device that I’ve never seen before. The story comes alive in both modern and ancient times. Isis is a strong, unforgettable character who adds an eroticism unusual in historic fiction. Can’t wait for Athena.”
David – Shell Beach CA

“I loved it. It’s exciting and romantic and gave my boyfriend ideas.”
Marilyn – New York, NY

“The sex scenes are terrific. I want one of those guys!”
Ann – Los Osos CA

“Isis was flat amazing. Towns along the Nile, jewelry, weaponry… Sandra paints a vivid, sensual picture of ancient Egypt. She makes it so interesting.”
Curt – Las Vegas NV

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Map of the Nile for the Odyssey of Isis Who do you write like?

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