I used to write poetry many years ago. I didn’t know it was a kind of American-Haiku until just recently when I recognized the style while reading someone else.

I kept a journal when I was hitchhiking on the Sahara. I would write just three description lines about the day before. I have most that still. I’ll be adding them to the site a little at a time.

Please check out daughter pages of the Poetry page (see sidebar for navigation) if you would like to read more.

last night

rising red from the inky mist
big, bold and brooding
she beckoned
bringing visions of wider horizons
beyond the boundaries of this earth.

dense damp fell everywhere
warm, moist and salt
you filled me
drawing my breath with your lips
together we drifted clinging through red clouds.

grey porpoises leaped from the black sea
sleek, arched and gleaming
they called out
inviting us to catch the prize
but the ring was beyond our reach.

– Pacific Coast off Central America

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