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Reviewer Leonard Carpenter is also author of eleven Conan the Barbarian novels for Tor Books. His current project is Lusitania Lost, a novel of the luxury liner sunk by a U-boat in WWI.

Having been privileged to become one of the first readers of The Red Mirror by S. L. Gore, I can tell you that the book is an unforgettable delight and its author a literary phenomenon. I urge all of you, as soon as possible and by any humane means, to obtain this book and make it a part of your life.

This story intrigues and exhilarates the reader on so many levels that it’s hard to comprehend the full impact. My life is changed by this book, and I can’t yet say quite how… but it’s definitely for the better.

Isis herself is similarly an enigma. She may seem a simple Vegas or Nile Valley girl, but she is a Priestess, an icon and adept in her all-but-forgotten mystical creed. Her nature – while sympathetic, congenial and infinitely desirable – is also formidable if not indomitable, an intense focus of female energy and vitality that draws you in. Most fittingly, she becomes the nexus and target of more-than-millennial (and real) historical, social and spiritual forces that drive this rousing tale.

The males in the story are also icons, durably cast (or carved) in bronze, marble, ebony, alabaster, gold, and other fine rare elements. All of the cast, whatever their fates and obsessions, are deftly formed and memorable.

Likewise the language of the book, the ancient scenery, the Nile-slow or chariot-fast pacing and exquisite (if sometimes shockingly revealing) costumes all fit superbly into the tale.

If you don’t believe it, just look at the book itself, the enticing package hand-designed by the author, or dare I say authoress? Can there be any question of quality inside a package like this?

As I write these words, my only doubt is of my own ability to praise this book and literary project highly enough. I’m challenged to be as good a writer as Gore.

And then of course there’s the question of what to do for a sequel – but luckily it’s written, with a third volume already in the works! I’ve bought The Emerald Table (I’m no doubt first of many) and look forward to reading it with anticipation and, odd to say, confidence in the skilled and inspired creator of Isis.

“Adventure!   Mystery!  Egyptian culture and history!  Sex!  It sure kept my interest!”
Leslie – Ann Arbor, MI

“The Wynn – Whew! Gimme a cigarette!”
Joan – Fresno CA

“I loved the Egyptology details. It’s great to feel that one is being educated while having such a good time.”
Elaine – Easton PA

“I hard a hard time finishing. I kept reading certain chapters over and over. And when I came to the end, I was bummed. I wanted more. Where’s the next book?”
Suzette – Paso Robles CA

“Isis Erotica sizzles. It had me squirming in my plane seat.”
Suzanne – Boston MA

“The Red Mirror is a real page turner. It’s a great adventure story for anyone – not just women.”
Eric – Las Vegas NV

“I’m fascinated with the Isis story. I really like the way Isis goes back from Vegas to Egypt and blends the souls.”
Terry – Kauai HI

“I’m a big Gabaldon fan, but I like The Red Mirror Series better. Gore uses a time travel device that I’ve never seen before. The story comes alive in both modern and ancient times. Isis is a strong, unforgettable character who adds an eroticism unusual in historic fiction. Can’t wait for The Emerald Tablet.”
David – Shell Beach CA

“I loved it. It’s exciting and romantic and gave my boyfriend ideas.”
Marilyn – New York, NY

“The sex scenes are terrific. I want one of those guys!”
Ann – Los Osos CA

“The Red Mirror was flat amazing. Towns along the Nile, jewelry, weaponry… Gore paints a vivid, sensual picture of ancient Egypt. She makes it so interesting.”
Curt – Las Vegas NV

“OMGosh What a great book!-could not put it down.  Read the book in 2 days while I was at the shop. It really was a great book and can’t wait to get #2 & #3. You brought the characters to life with a little soft porn. LOL…………………….Fantastic Job-you found your calling!”
SB – Shell Beach CA

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  • 1. Carol Shaddox  |  August 16, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Sandra
    Love your book and can hardly wait to read your next one.
    You gifted and signed your Second Reader Addition last week at Ken’s pool party. I just finished a rare PJ foggy day in Shell Beach -what a page turner! Passionate, erotic, informative! Thank you!

    I’ll pass it to my friend, Diane who happens to be traveling to Egypt in January. Carol

  • 2. Sandra Gore Nielsen  |  August 17, 2010 at 1:08 am

    So glad you enjoyed Isis! would love to talk to Diana if she wants any tips about visiting Egypt – my favorite country!


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