Isis Trilogy

Isis Trilogy
When one life is not enough…
Reality shatters when a Vegas party girl buys an antique red mirror and a circle of edgy lovers and villains tangle in multiple lifetimes.

You’ll find sizzling sex and surprising twists and turns with plenty of suspenseful action set against an accurate historical background replete with lush details of the ancient world. While the contemporary story continues through the three novels, books one, two and three take you to a vastly different Egypt centuries apart – Pharaonic, Greek and Roman.

The Red Mirror –  The Isis Trilogy Book One
Reality is fragile as glass 
Sacred Hathor sexuality of ancient Egypt reaches across time through a mystical Red Mirror to seduce a Las Vegas party girl going nowhere in her life. Entangled in a web of powerful lovers and enemies, she finds the odysseys to her distant past turn nightmare when Isis must make unbearable choices to survive.
Time Travel Romantic Adventure in Ancient Egypt

Morphing before me again, his eyes went cold and soulless with the beady stare of a predator. Only moments before, I had felt a connection. The General was a chameleon, a hybrid of bull and lion, with only occasional glimpses of man.
He sipped his wine, watching me over the rim of the goblet. I could tell he waited for my response. Everything depended on the next moment—my future and my life.

“Get ready for a roller coaster ride with stunning twists and turns.” – Leslie, Ann Arbor MI
“An exquisite blend of time travel, mysticism and well-researched historical fiction.” – Deborah, Oceano CA
“Lush, colorful, dramatic.  I could taste ancient Egypt.” – Mark, Chicago IL
“Gore glides back and forth in time, spinning parallel stories that are impossible, yet seem so real.” – Hillie, Amsterdam NL

The Emerald Tablet – The Isis Trilogy Book Two
Reality is fragile as glass 

Lovers and enemies explode through the Red Mirror, smashing boundaries of time and space in the ongoing saga of an audacious woman and four powerful men. Inspired by past and present lives, guided by mystic Oracles, Isis consolidates her power from Ptolemy’s court in Alexandria to the art auctions of New York and Copenhagen.
Time Travel Romantic Thriller in Greek Egypt

 “Admit it, General. You would have done the same in my place.”
“That is where you and I are different, Ishtar. A man seldom eliminates a woman who pleases him—and you pleased me very much. Who knows how long we might have had together? Maybe one more night—maybe all our lives.”
I took another sip of wine, studying him. He stared back.
“You are not going to force me to kill you again, are?” I demanded.

“Gore is a wonderful guide through the ancient world. Her extensive knowledge of foreign cultures and distant times shines through.” – Nasr, NY NY
“I’m fascinated with the going back and forth in time, always fluid, intertwining and melding the souls in a fully believable way.” – Terry, Hilo HI
“Past or present, the story moves at a fast clip through vivid settings. An exotic adventure, both suspenseful and tastefully erotic.” – Dan, London UK

The Black Scroll – The Isis Trilogy Book Three
Reality is fragile as glass 
Black magic and ruthless determination on both sides of the Red Mirror steel a daring woman’s rise to mistress of destiny in two universes torn asunder by warring lovers. From the splendorous, cruel world of Hadrian’s North Africa to London and militia-torn Libya, Isis marshals powerful forces to prove herself the Chosen One.
Time Travel Romantic Thriller in Roman North Africa

     “Death!” “Death!” they chanted over and over, until Domina herself rose from the divan and made her way to the fountain courtyard.
I couldn’t watch the woman die, but I heard the guests roar. I shall never forget their cheers.
When I dared open my eyes, the son stood next to me. His formal toga praetexta had the purple stripe of a boy not yet a man; the gold bulla of childhood around his neck glowed red in the orangey light.
With the vilest imaginable smirk on his face, he took my hand…

“Reading The Black Scroll is like riding a comet. Elektra zooms back and forth between the modern and ancient worlds, from slave to goddess, battling Roman Empire leaders and Middle Eastern militias.” – David, Shell Beach CA
“The Black Scroll takes the themes of ancient history and modern political intrigue, mythology and magic, romance and reincarnation, and wraps them up into a strangely plausible thriller. I couldn’t put any of the books in the Trilogy down!” – Deborah, Oceano CA
“Steamy and fast-paced, Gore’s Trilogy draws on her extensive travels, many languages and impressive knowledge of the ancient world.” –  Gustavo, Miami FL

Book I of Isis Trilogy

Reality is fragile as glass for a Las Vegas party girl as mystical objects, deadly foes and powerful lovers appear in shifting roles on both sides of the Red Mirror. A fast-paced romantic adventure with startling twists and turns that move back and forth in time. View Amazon Reviews
Pharaonic Egypt

Book II of Isis Trilogy

The adventure continues for Isis, Vegas party girl now art dealer, as the mystical objects, deadly foes and powerful lovers keep showing up on both sides of the Red Mirror. The power plays of Ancient Alexandria spill over into the antiquity auctions of New York & Copenhagen.  View Amazon Reviews
Greek Egypt

Book III of Isis Trilogy

Black magic gives Isis ever more power as the mystical objects, deadly foes and powerful lovers shake her world on both sides of the Red Mirror. Hadrian’s North Africa and Alexandria meet Libya, Malta, Las Vegas and London. View Amazon Reviews
Roman Egypt and North Africa

Lovers of Isis – Vignettes

A fast read, this sizzling collection of intense vignettes from the romantic time travel Isis Trilogy is an edgy and smart remix, rich with lush imagery, torrid loves scenes and mystic intrigue in both the past and present. Mystical objects, deadly foes and powerful lovers appear in shifting roles on both sides of the Red Mirror. View Amazon Reviews Modern and past storyline. Pharaonic, Greek & Roman Egypt

PG-13 & X-rated versions of Isis of The Red Mirror

Isis Beach Read

Isis Beach Read is the zippy, sanitized version of The Red Mirror. One man is not enough in this smart, edgy time-travel romance adventure that takes you from glitzy Las Vegas through the Red Mirror to magical Ancient Egypt.

Isis Erotica

Isis is every man’s dream in this sensuous time-travel romance that takes you from The Vegas Strip through the Red Mirror to mystical Ancient Egypt. note: Isis Erotica is the steamy version of The Red Mirror.
View Amazon Reviews
Links to sex scenes.

7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. raiannon  |  September 23, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Do we have any sort of ETA on Elektra?

    • 2. Sandra Gore  |  September 23, 2012 at 5:04 pm

      At the risk of sounding needy and pathetic, I am thrilled that you ask! I wish I could say next month. But that wouldn’t be honest or realistic. Would you be interested in being a First Reader when I have draft copy available? I guess it depends on why you are asking, doesn’t it?

      • 3. raiannon  |  September 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm

        I’m asking because I loved the first two whole books, with their unique twist on a typical time travel novel. I was absolutely thrilled with the tie-ins between the past life found in the mirror and the current one. But the worst part of reading a series is always waiting for the next book! A good series novel has something that leaves you wanting at the end…wanting the next book. A great series novel (for a series in progress) leaves you pacing your apartment, raging at the author for not writing faster! I would be greatly honored to be a First Reader for you.

  • 4. Sandra Gore  |  September 23, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    I don’t know you, raiannon, but I think I’m in love! 🙂 You will definitely be one of the first to met Elektra.

  • 5. Pam Battistella  |  October 3, 2012 at 12:07 am

    I just found and read your 1st 2 books of the Egypt trilogy..and waiting on 3rd….read both in 48 hrs…could not put it down…I am big fan now… Pauline Gedge is one of my favorites…have all her books..I love Egypt..ever since I was little and watched Cleopatra…spent almost 4 wonderful weeks there and will go again..wish it was me you could send back!

    Please let me know when Elektra comes out!

    Pam in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

    • 6. Sandra Gore  |  October 3, 2012 at 3:53 am

      Hello Pam!
      You are an author’s dream! I’m so excited you like Isis – and Athena. Aren’t they awesome women? (guess maybe I’m not supposed to say that, am I?) As for going back to Egypt, have you looked around for your own Red Mirror? Until then, I’m so happy to take you there.

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