Sex and the Zen of Shopping

Live Rich by Shopping Smart

Shopping is to women what sex is to men, they can never get enough.” It’s a natural instinct. Get more pleasure. Feel the thrill. Believe in your own self-worth. Use a disciplined but adventurous approach to shopping – and living.

All women, rich or poor, love to shop. Gore shows how to develop the skills to keep on shopping no matter the budget. It’s an easy read, full of photos and advice on how to have fun and adventure with little money. You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by following Gore’s simple guidelines.

Get ready for an exciting shopping safari from swap meets to high end luxury stores.  Gore tells you how to always get the best price on everything. Get tips on where to find the best deals, how to bargain, how to refurbish, recycle and modernize, and how to curb impulse buying.

A Philosophy in Pull Quotes describes how to get the most out of life and your money. You’ll find plenty of real life examples.

1. How to be successful in shopping (and life); 2. What you can find and where; 3. A mini encyclopedia of shopping venues with commentary; 4. How to update and make easy repairs; 4. Index; and 5. Discussion Points that explore the nature of women, men and shopping; the path to empowerment; green secondhand shopping, the capacity to relish the adventure of the unknown, and more.

Sex and Zen comes in two editions: a full color edition and a budget black & white bargain edition. The author is available for in-person, telephone or internet conferencing with book clubs. For contact information and details, email

You don’t have to be a woman to learn to live rich by shopping smart. These tricks work for men too!

  • Self-help book that shows you the way to a richer life.
  • How-to manual that teaches you to save money and shop responsibly without guilt.
  • Mini encyclopedia from “A” for antique malls to “V” for vintage shops, with everything from swap meets to internet sites in between.
  • Do-it-yourself guide for easy updates and repairs that update clothing and home furnishings.

B&W bargain print edition

Sex and the Zen of Shopping

Live Rich by Shopping Smart

Get the same great shopping tips complete with photos but in Black & White at a bargain price!

Lovers of Isis – Red Mirror Vignettes

A fast read, this sensuous fiction collection of intense vignettes from the romantic time travel Red Mirror Series trilogy is an edgy and smart remix, rich with lush imagery, torrid loves scenes and mystic intrigue in both the past and present. Pharaonic, Greek & Roman Egypt

Isis Erotica

Isis is every man’s dream in this sensuous time-travel romance that takes you from The Vegas Strip through the Red Mirror to mystical Ancient Egypt.

note: Isis Erotica is a condensed, steamy version of The Red Mirror, Book One of Red Mirror Series.

Check out Table of Contents/Links to sex scenes.

The Black Scroll – Book Three of the Red Mirror Series

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