Isis Beach Read

Who says a woman should have only one man? Why does there have to be a Mr. Right?

A Las Vegas party girl looking for adventure discovers a Red Mirror that opens a portal to her past life in Ancient Egypt.

On the banks of the Nile, Isis meets the man of her dreams, a River God of bronzed flesh and snowy linen. But the gods have other plans. Isis finds herself first on a quest for the all-powerful Emerald Tablet, and then without warning, back in Las Vegas.

Fresh from her temple villa, Isis joins best friend Barb at the Stirling Club where a surprise encounter sends her back through the Red Mirror in search of River God. A desert hunt goes all wrong, and Isis falls into the grip of a Persian General who holds her life in his thick fingers. One fateful night, Isis learns the dark side of love and pays the price for freedom.

A fast-paced adventure set in Ancient Egypt and glamorous Las Vegas, Isis Beach Read unveils a mystic tale of one evolving woman and four hot men crossing back and forth through time.

One man is not enough for Isis or one life. She has the Power – the Hathor Power.

Additional Books

The Red Mirror – Book I of Isis Trilogy

Reality is fragile as glass for our Las Vegas party girl as she escapes through the Red Mirror to ancient Egypt, facing death and intrigue to find love on a heroine’s journey that saves the Emerald Tablet. A fast-paced romantic adventure with startling twists and turns. View Amazon Reviews
Pharaonic Egypt

The Emerald Tablet – Book II of Isis Trilogy

One life is not enough for Isis, Vegas party girl turned art dealer, as she goes back through the Red Mirror to Greek Egypt, facing death & intrigue to find love on a heroine’s journey to unlock the power of the Emerald Tablet. A quest in ancient Alexandria spills over to the antiquities auctions of New York & Copenhagen.
Greek Egypt

The Black Scroll – Book III of Isis Trilogy

One life is not enough for our Isis, Vegas party girl now arms dealer, as she goes back through the Red Mirror to Roman Egypt, rising from slave to goddess on a life-and-death mission to codify the Sacred Black Arts for all time. A daring tale of the secret behind history’s great murder mystery. View Amazon Reviews Roman Egypt

Lovers of Isis – Red Mirror Series Vignettes

A fast read, this sensuous collection of intense vignettes from the romantic time travel Red Mirror Series trilogy is an edgy and smart remix, rich with lush imagery, torrid loves scenes and mystic intrigue in both the past and present. View Amazon Reviews
Pharaonic, Greek & Roman Egypt
Vignettes Book I, II, III

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