i came to you as the Wind…
cool fingertips trailing down your arm
lightly drawing patterns
leaving no traces ave a tingle from the touch.

for me you were the Sea…
thick foam rushing round my thighs
dark green waves cresting against red cliffs
white fountains splashing in the Sun.

you took most of me with you…
but you left behind the thought of us
memories of timeless moments still fresh in my mind
dreams based on beliefs of what we could be.

autumn 1972

Here are three poems I got from Donald, sent over a long period of time and from long distances.
I met Donald while living on the beach @ Tahrazoute Morocco.
The big song that February was Hello Cowgirl in the Sand by Neil Young.
Donald was a surfer from Hawaii. Kansas girls were big suckers for surfers back then.
I had become so “Morocconized” that most people knew me by Fatima.

To The Desert Queen (Fatima)

On My Finger, Her Ring,
In My Heart, Her Memory
Does Sing. Oh Lovely
Lady By The Sea, What
Has Become of Thee.
People Pass, Memories
Live On – “Long Live
The Queen!”

Love & Best Wishes
From The

To The Desert Queen (Fatima)

Flowing, going &
Coming – Thinking
of You

La Sheik

Fatima (Queen of the Desert)

On The Road, Warm thoughts
of You – My Changes
Are Many too…Don’t
Be Sad & Don’t Be
Blue – Together We
Can See Them Through…

me (The Sheik)

Not bad for a surfer boy!

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