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My talk on Creativity and the 7 C’s – Life Choices: The Event Mar 25

Speaker at Life Choices Event Tropicana Hotel Las VegasI’m putting together the final touches on my talk in Las Vegas this weekend at Life Choices: The Event. I’ve developed something I call the 7 C’s of filling the canvas of your life. Creativity is just one of the C’s, but as we writers and artists know, it’s critical to everything that we do.

It’s always a surprise to hear that people don’t believe they are creative – and even more startling, that they don’t believe they can BE creative. I just can’t accept that. Everyone MUST be able to fire up their creativity, even if they can’t be on first name basis with the Muses as some lucky souls are.

What are my 7 C’s?

1. Choice. The decision to act. 1st choice: That you choose to act. 2nd choice: What you choose to do. 3rd choice: How you choose to make it happen.
2. Creativity. Fill the canvas of your life in your own special, unique way that’s not like anyone else. Copying is NOT one of my 7 C’s.
3. Craft. Your individual talents and skills impact your ability to manifest  the ideas that spring from your creative inspiration.
4. Color. How warm or cool is your personality palette? How bold or how nuanced? Will you be shades of monochrome or a rainbow?
5. Courage. You can’t play it safe. Mistakes are good. That’s how we learn. Conquer not only fear of failure, but also of being different.
6. Commitment. Any long time goal requires re-committing every day. If you fall off the wagon, you got to get back on again. As Heraclitus said many centuries ago, “The sun is new each day.”
7. Craziness. You just can’t be too sane. You have to fly a little. “Crazy and proud of it!”

Our lives are like the blank canvas of a painter. Or the blank page of a writer. We’re given some basic tools to start out; some have more than others. But our choice is to paint how we want to live – or to let others do it for us. We can copy what someone has already done. We can even be masters at it.

But the White Moments, the bliss and the Zen come we are creating. That’s when we feel we are living more fully than during the rest of life. We feel good – good about the world and good about ourselves. We are full of hope.

The next part of my talk focuses on what you can do to be more creative. I’ll cover that in another post.

Launch date Mar 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25 is also the launch date of the fourth of the Life Choices Anthologies: It’s Never Too Late. My piece is called “Road to Vegas” where I talk about my journey to becoming a writer in the years when the peaks of my life might have been over. Instead, I’m having more fun, working harder and am more creative than I’ve ever been. Cheers to the Muses! May they sing forever in my ear.

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Life Choices: The Event in Las Vegas at the Hotel Tropicana

Speaker at Life Choices Event Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas

Once in while, not often, quite rarely in fact, a person comes into your life who shakes things up. Sometimes you don’t realize it at the time, but only when you look back from a new place, do you see the change. The shift might have been that subtle. But because of them, you made a life choice that set you on a new path.

Judi Moreo did that for me. Her belief in me and her words, You are more than enough, kept me going when I might have given up. Now you have a chance to meet Judi and hear her message in Las Vegas in March. And as a special little treat, you can hear me too! 🙂

Yes, I’ll be speaking on the same program as Judi Moreo. I can hardly believe it myself. So many dreams coming true! But I wouldn’t be sharing this great weekend with Judi and the other authors of “Life Choices: It’s Never Too Late” or with the keynote speakers Jeff Civillico, Anne Abernathy, Casey McNeal, Tim Goodenough and Aimmee Kodachian if I hadn’t made the choice to accept. I could have given in to my fears and doubts and said “no.”

The day I decided to speak at Life Choices: The Event, I had a nightmare. I dreamed I walked through the doors at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas and could think of nothing to say. My mind was a complete blank. Of course, I woke up in a sweat. Of course, it meant I have stage fright. I hope you won’t see that on March 25th. 🙂

If you are struggling with finding your life purpose – if you feel disappointed in what you’ve achieved – if you’ve always wanted to do something, but never dared – ACT NOW! Come to Las Vegas in March. Spend the weekend with people who have changed their lives, who have fulfilled their dreams – and with others who want the same thing, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

It costs a little money and effort. Most things of value do. But if you register before Jan 31, you’ll get a big discount and the chance to bring a friend at a fraction of the fee. You can pay a small deposit now and the remainder in installments. You’ll even get fed! There’s a welcome reception, a Saturday lunch and a Sunday brunch included. You can lunch with one of the Life Choices authors and have the chance to talk with them personally about the choices they made in their lives that got them where they are today.

Register Now! Get the Super Early Bird discount and bring a friend. Go to this link:  Life Choices: The Event
Please use PYPSN in the speaker code box so I’ll be notified you signed up. 

note:  The Hotel Tropicana has been recently renovated. It’s beautiful! All in white.

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