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Sex and the Zen of Shopping now in COLOR ebook for Kindle Fire

Now available! Full color eversion for Kindle Fire or equivalent.

Now available! Full color ebook for Kindle Fire or equivalent.

I’M EXCITED! Technology has caught up!

Now I can offer Sex and the Zen of Shopping in a full color Kindle ebook that looks exactly like the color print copy.

We were able to create this Kindle edition with a new software that will revolutionize epublishing for picture book and how-to authors.

The costs of Amazon print-on-demand for color are steep. I’d say prohibitive in today’s market. I really disliked the $25 we had to charge for my shopping book, Sex and the Zen of Shopping: Live Rich by Shopping Smart. 

This is, after all, a book about bargain shopping!

Until this latest Kindle technology, the best solution was to produce a Black & White Bargain print edition.

You can now get the layout, the embedded text and the vivid color of photos in an ebook! You’ll see exactly the same format as the print edition – IF you have a Kindle Fire, an equivalent tablet or Kindle for PC.

Check it out. There are sample pages you can “leaf through” here:  Amazon Sex and Zen of Shopping Kindle Version.

Caution: This Kindle Fire edition is for tablets and Kindle for PC only. It will not work on older Kindle readers.

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